Haunted BTS

One day, one camera, one man directing/camera-operating/recording a music video performed live. Mehdi Hassine, creating another beautiful moment and piece of art at Seahorse Sound Studios.

The Drums – Matthew Thompson. The colors, the fog, and that tribal rhythm filling the space, setting the tone. My butterflies were full speed.

Bass and Keys – Frank Caito. Making mannequins and the laundry room gold. Each shot building the story.

Guitar – Anessa Arnold. Shooting rays of light through the fog. Unexpected sparks.

Background Vocals – Nindy Wibisono and Cheyenne Jolene. Their voices adding the depth and resonance I heard in my head.

And then, me. My latest challenge, spending the entire day focused on the shots, the sound, the production. Then flip the switch to performer. And nail it. I’m still waking up wanting the day to happen again and again. This is what I love.

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